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Part 1 - Free for All

Posted on June 17, 2018

GALATIANS: Live FREE - Part 1 - June 17th, 2018

Free For All

 Text: John 8:31-32, 36


Today’s Big Idea:  Not everything that has to do with freedom is _______________.  There are also _________________ of freedom.  They are not, perhaps, as pronounced, but they are there, at least for people of faith in Christ.  These people believe that God is _____________.  He created the world and the people in it freely and not out of _____________________.  Therefore, since a free God is at the centre of all existence, and all creation and every creature issues from a free act, _________________ and not __________________ is always the deeper and more lasting _________________.


   ___________________ in the life of faith is at the very heart of what it means to be __________________.  Its a new way—a Kingdom way— for me to be _____________________.


Slogans, Slant, and Sales-pitch: ______________________



  •    Freedom is not an _________________________, it is not a ____________, and it is not _____________________.  It is a ____________________ that another provides; it is an ____________________  that must be _________________ and ___________________ by each person within the understood limits of reality.
  •    Free in Christ, we are free for ________________!

 Travel Tips for the Journey: (i.e. What Does This Look Like in Me?)

  1.  As I learn the free life in Christ, I am going to see that all the rah-rah formulas of freedom that our culture and society spawn are ___________________.
  2.  It is going to become clear to me that there are no “absolute” freedoms—that is, freedom without ___________________.
  3.  I am wise not to _____________________ the challenge and difficulties in living free for all—the free life in Christ: it is persistently _____________.


Digging Deeper: My Personal Reflections...

Engage the text: Ask questions to see what answers the Scriptures provide: who, what, when, where, and how?

Know the text: What's the meaning for the original audience and then what is the meaning for me?

Listen, let the text speak:  What is the Holy Spirit saying to me?

Live in light of the text: Being: what does this say about my identity?  Doing: what are some actions for me to obey this week in order to maximize the impact of this message?

Share: If you were to share with a friend, in a sentence or two, a key insight from today’s message, what would that be?